by Deya Dova

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Mukhande Singh
Mukhande Singh thumbnail
Mukhande Singh Channeling at its finest ??
 Do thumbnail
Do what a powerfull song. Really nice works, can't wait to listen to the rest of your album !!
Soma StarShine
Soma StarShine thumbnail
Soma StarShine Everywhere I play this people seem to love it. Somehow it manages to perfectly bridge this very moment in history with all the timelessness of our ancestral heritage. World needs more Deya Dova and Tribal Trap!
VJ BABA thumbnail
VJ BABA Holy Cow Shit ! I've been standing on one leg for the last twelve years but when I played this music I could only pound the floor with both feet and boogie.
Mud thumbnail
Mud So worth the wait.
[Tribal - Bass]
Wahkeena Sitka
Wahkeena Sitka thumbnail
Wahkeena Sitka OhMyGoddess!!! Finally!!! New Deya Dova. The Holy Mother has finally unleashed upon us this exquisite visionary bass heavy celestial single. Thank the heavens! Can we have a million more? I wish it would NEVER END.


Return Of The Bird Tribes is the first track off the forthcoming 'Myth Of The Cave' EP to be released in March 2017

Official music video - Filmed at Burning Man in the biggest dust storms of the last 20 years!!!

Return of the Bird Tribes is a prayer of Hope. A remembering and an embodiment of the higher dimensional consciousness that knows no separation from the Source of all that is. She sings in a light feathered language, a song, of a bird who sings in reverence to the Maker. Merging organic percussion & instrumentation with dawn sounds of the Australian bush & a fierce tribal future bass. Return of the Bird Tribes calls to the part of ourselves that remembers the spirits of the stars & that we are vast noble, ancients returning.


released June 21, 2016

Label - Reflekta Records
Written by Deya Dova
Co Produced by Hamilton Barnett & Deya Dova
Additional Mixing - Benjamin Last
Mastering - Benjamin Last


all rights reserved



Deya Dova Australia

Electronic music duo featuring Australian singer, producer & visionary Deya Dova, recording live on the Earth's energy lines and at power places around the world.

“Exquisitely produced reminiscent of The Knife or Bjork and yet completely, refreshingly unique” IN THE MIX

“This singer producer sounds like the love child of an orgy between Fever Ray, Shpongle and Trentemoller.”
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Track Name: Return Of The Bird Tribes
Ohlo Lungwo Lungwoi
Ohlo Lungwo Wei

Ka Ohlungwo Ilungwo
Ohlo Lungwo Wei
The Bird Tribes are rising

Ka old soul
Oh it is written
The Ancient Ones will rise again
I bow in complete recognition
The Bird Tribes are rising

Ka Ohlungwo Ilungwo
Ohlo Lungwo Wei
The Bird Tribes are rising

Ka Old Soul
It is legend
The Ancient Ones will rise again
See my soul of different colours
See my feathers worn from within

Ka Ohlungwo Ilungwo
Ohlo Lungwo Wei
The Bird Tribes are rising

Oh come sit by this fire
Warm the seeds you’ve sewn
Time travellers how far we have flown
Are we not birds of the same feather?
Is this not prophecy?
I rise up for I remember
All of Creation
Is inside of me

Ka Ohlungwo Ilungwo
Ohlo Lungwo Wei
The Bird Tribes are rising.